Cashback Program

The more you recharge, the more free credits you receive.

How it works

Our billing is a true consumption-based model. It works like a prepaid mobile phone plan where payment is made in advance (prepaid principle). You prepay in advance for credits, which are then charged against the consumption of individual services on our platform. This flexible billing model allows us to offer a simple and transparent cashback program for all customers. Compared to many other providers who offer saving plans on individual product objects (which is not so flexible), with our approach, you benefit practically on all products and services the more you pay in advance.

Cashback overview

Recharge amountCashbackCashback as free credits (Bonus)

CHF 50'000+


CHF 5'000+

CHF 20'000+


CHF 1'500+

CHF 10'000+


CHF 500+

CHF 5'000+


CHF 150+

CHF 1'000+


CHF 20+

CHF 500+


CHF 5+


Let's assume you are recharging an amount of CHF 12'000. Since this amount is in the range of 5% cashback, your account balance will be credited with a cash amount of CHF 12'000 and additionally the CHF 600 (5%) as a bonus (free credit). Accordingly, the account balance will have a total amount of CHF 12'600.

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