Volumes & Snapshots

How Volumes pricing works

The price for Volumes is calculated on the basis of the smallest unit of 1 GB. When creating volumes, the smallest unit is always 10 GB. After that, you can always expand volumes with the smallest unit of 1 GB. Charges accrue hourly for as long as the Volume exists.

How Snapshots pricing works

Snapshots are always associated with Volumes. As Snapshots are 1:1 block storage level copies of a Volume, the per GB pricing and the method of calculation are exactly the same. Charges accrue hourly for as long as the Snapshot exists.

Pricing per GB

StorageHourly price°Monthly price°¹

1 GB

CHF 0.0003

CHF 0.22

Pricing examples

StorageHourly price°Monthly price°¹

10 GB

CHF 0.0030


50 GB

CHF 0.0150

CHF 11

100 GB

CHF 0.0300

CHF 22

200 GB

CHF 0.0600

CHF 44

250 GB

CHF 0.0750

CHF 55

500 GB

CHF 0.1500

CHF 110

1000 GB

CHF 0.3000

CHF 220

° Prices are in CHF (Swiss franc) and don't include VAT. 1 CHF is usually equal to 1 USD. ¹ Monthly price estimates are based on 730 hours of usage.

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