Release Notes

Updates and improvements to our cloud platform.


Release date: June 04, 2021

New Features

Mac Bare Metal

  • Support and availability for new Apple M1 Mac minis

  • Support for FileVault full-disk encryption with M1 Mac minis


  • One-click cluster upgrade support to newer versions

  • One-click revert of cluster upgrade (including configuration changes)

  • Native support for platform Load Balancers (via CCM)

  • Custom cluster configuration (disable traefik, change log file amount and size)

  • Updated CCM and CSI for Helm charts support

Improvements and Fixes

  • General platform related improvements

  • Improved Mac Bare Metal actions and workflows to support new M1 devices

  • Improved Mac Bare Metal Power-Management UI

  • Improved Kubernetes cluster creation and deployment of CCM and CSI

  • Increased volume size for Kubernetes config drives

  • Improved Load Balancer status management

  • Upgraded CSI sidecar containers with a memory leak fix

  • Fixed issue with PATCH security group rule for Mac Bare Metal

  • Fixed issue with crashing sync and status update for Kubernetes

  • Fixed issue with mount propagation of root volume mount in Kubernetes

  • Fixed issue with Drain-Node actions if k3s is unavailable