Mac Bare Metal devices are genuine, dedicated Apple Mac devices that are delivered with the latest stable macOS version. They can be provisioned on-demand in a few steps.


  1. Start by clicking the Wizard button in the Control Panel. Click Create Device in the Mac Bare Metal tab.

  2. Name your device.

  3. Choose the configuration (flavor) for your device that determines its Apple Mac platform (Intel or Apple Silicon), Processor cores, Memory, Storage, and price.

  4. Confirm the network topology. By default, each device is assigned an address and is reachable via the Internet. If you wish for the device to be reachable only internally, uncheck the IPv4 checkbox.

  5. Specify a password for the default user who has root privileges. The default user is named "Flow". Click Finish. Deploying a device takes a few seconds.

  6. Once the device is created, follow the detailed guides on how to connect to the device via Remote Desktop or SSH.

Important to know

  • Billing of Mac devices also takes place when the device is turned off. A device in a stopped state continues to reserve the dedicated Mac device, and therefore charges incur until you delete it.

  • For security reasons, only two TCP ports are open from the outside. These are ports 5900 (VNC) and 22 (SSH). The port settings can be restricted or extended in the Control Panel via Mac Bare Metal > Networking > Security Groups > Default.

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