How Kubernetes pricing works

Kubernetes cluster pricing is based on the underlying required and optional Kubernetes-related resources.

Starting at CHF 0.2578/hr or CHF 190/mo

Billing also occurs when the Kubernetes cluster is in a stopped state.

Required resources

A cluster requires at least three (3) of the following worker node flavors to operate.

Optional resources

Volumes & Snapshots

Persistent Volumes (PV) are optional and can be dynamically provisioned from the Kubernetes context. They are scalable and support online expansion without downtime.

See pricing

Load Balancers

External Load Balancers are optional and can easiely be added in front of the Kubernetes cluster(s).

See pricing


Elastic IP Address. Each Kubernetes node comes with a free elastic public IPv4 address.

20 TB Outbound Traffic. Per organization-account 20 TB of outbound traffic per month is included. Inbound and internal traffic is always free.

Economy Support Plan according to the best-effort principle. Business and First support plans are available at an additional cost.

° Prices are in CHF (Swiss franc) and don't include VAT. 1 CHF is usually equal to 1 USD. ¹ Monthly price estimates are based on 730 hours of usage. ² All Kubernetes flavors are deployed with a 60 GB root volume by default.

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