App Engine

How App Engine pricing works

With App Engine you pay only for your resource consumption. The resources are provisioned with granular units called "Cloudlets". This allows to allocate exactly the needed amount of resources.

1 Cloudlet = 128MiB of RAM and 400MHz of CPU


You have a choice between a dynamic, cost-efficient model (usage-based) and a traditional model with fix pricing (reserved).

With this model, the price is variable as you pay only for what you really use. For instance, during the day there is high load of your application (you pay more) and at night there is low load (you pay less).

Number of cloudletsHourly price°Monthly price°¹Discount

01 - 09

CHF 0.012

CHF 8.76


10 - 24

CHF 0.0114

CHF 8.32


25 - 49

CHF 0.0108

CHF 7.88


50 and more

CHF 0.0102

CHF 7.44


The discount level is the total sum of all dynamic cloudlets in use per environment.


Disk space is charged hourly per GB of disk space used in your environment.

Disk usedHourly price°Monthly price°¹

1 GB

CHF 0.00035

CHF 0.26

Public IPv4

This is about an external, public IPv4 address which is directly accessible from outside of the cluster. Charges accrue hourly for as long as the public IP exists.

ItemHourly price°Monthly price°¹

1 public IPv4

CHF 0.01

CHF 7.30


1 TB External Traffic. Per environment 1 TB of external traffic per month is included. Traffic above the included quota, costs CHF 0.06 per GB per month. Internal traffic is always free.

How App Engine billing works

Since App Engine is a third-party solution (Virtuozzo Application Platform) that itself has its own billing engine, the integration in the portal is solved in such a way that the credit from portal is the master and App Engine automatically obtains the credit from there in the background. You can therefore simply ignore the negative balance under App Engine dashboard. As long as the balance under portal is positive, nothing can be automatically deactivated or stopped.

How to discover the price

You probably ask yourself: how much does it cost me exactly per month? Well, this is always different as it depends on your application load. Therefore, we recommend anybody:

  1. Deploy your application(s)

  2. Discover your price

° Prices are in CHF (Swiss franc) and don't include VAT. 1 CHF is usually equal to 1 USD. ¹ Monthly price estimates are based on 730 hours of usage.

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