Traefik upgrade and tests

Upgrading older versions of k3s to a new one and having the old Traefik v1 seems to be a common issue that k3s users are facing. There are a several of issues which happen when upgrading without changing API resources (ingress):

The common solution which people recommend is simply upgrade Traefik. There are plenty of guides even official ones from Traefik. We recommend the following workflow with Helm:

Upgrade Traefik with Helm

Setup: From Kubernetes v1.20.x to v1.24.X with Traefik helm chart 1.8.1

  1. Uninstall current Traefik version v1.8x.x helm uninstall traefik -n kube-system

  2. Make sure Helm has everything it needs to install Traefik v2 helm repo add traefik helm repo update

  3. Install new Traefik v2 (GitHub - traefik/traefik-helm-chart: Traefik v2 helm chart) helm install traefik traefik/traefik

  4. Migrate your configurations and ingress definitions to the new Traefik v2 by using the official guides and tools:

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